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Ministerial Responsibilities

  1. Policy and Control of Pre-Primary Education in Lagos State.
  2. Policy and Control of Primary Education in Lagos State except Staff Matters.
  3. Policy, Control and Management of Secondary Schools in Lagos State except Staff Matters.
  4. Approval, Regulation and Monitoring of Private, Pre-Primary, Primary, Post-Primary, Vocational and Technical Institutions.
  5. Advisory Committee on Education
  6. Pre-Vocational Education
  7. Technical and Vocational Education
  8. Educational Technology with emphasis on Educational Broadcast and Audio-Visual Aids.
  9. Science and Technology Education
  10. Guidance and Counseling
  11. Schools Construction Programme
  12. Teacher Education
  13. Inspection of Private and Public Schools for quality control and educational standards
  14. Special Education – Gifted/Talented Children and Handicapped Children
  15. Relations with the Nigeria Union of Teachers and similar Organizations in conjunction with the Office of the Special Adviser on Education
  16. Monitoring by Special Adviser on Education
  17. State Committee on Implementation of the National Policy on Education (6-3-3-4)
  18. Secondary Schools Boards of Governors/PTA
  19. Other Educational Matters
  20. Relations with TESCOM (TEPO & DISTRICTS)
  21. Relations with Voluntary Organisations
  22. Supervision and Management of all Libraries and Schools of Family Support Programme